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New York State Thruway Authority

Inventory of Online Forms

Thruway Authority Inventory of Online Forms
Form Name
Form Title
Advertising Device Permit Application TA-W4307
Affidavit of Payment to Subcontractors and/or Materialmen TA-W44118-9
Americans With Disabilities Act Complaint TA-W1003-9
Application for Extension of Date of Completion of Contract TA-W4436-9
Application for Special Permit to Operate LCV/Tandem Vehicle TA-W6818
Application for Traffic Camera Broadcast TA-W6800
Bond TA-W5181
Cash Surety Deposit TA-W5106
Certificate of Compliance with the Authority/Corporation Guidelines Regarding Permissible Contacts During a Procurement and The Prohibition of Inappropriate Lobbying Influence TA-W2111-9
Commercial Account Vehicle Update Form TA-W63227
Commercial Charge Account Information Update Request Form TA-W5111
Commercial Road Service Application/Permit TA-W68159
Conditions For Commercial Road Service Permit Medallion Placement TA-W68159A
Federal-Aid Highway Construction Contractors Annual EEO Report TA-W1064-9 Excel 
Consultant Application for an Extension of Completion Date TA-W4445-9
Consultant's Cost Control Report TA-W4453-9 Excel 
Consultant's Monthly Estimate for Payment - A TA-W5213-9A Excel 
Consultant's Monthly Estimate for Payment - B TA-W5213-9B Excel 
Consultant's Monthly Estimate for Payment - C TA-W5213-9C Excel 
Consultant's Monthly Estimate for Payment - D TA-W5213-9D Excel 
Consultant's Payment Request Transmittal TA-W44128-9
Consultant's Payroll Abstract TA-W44127-9
Contract Final Acceptance TA-W4437-9
Contractor Request for Union Personnel TA-W1018-9
Contractor/Consultant M/WBE Waiver Request TA-W1077-9
Credit Agreement TA-W51312
D/M/WBE Program - Payments to D/M/WBE Subconsultant Firms TA-W1059-9 Excel 
D/M/WBE Utilization Worksheet TA-W1037 Excel 
D/M/WBE Utilization Worksheet Amendment TA-W1074 Excel 
Electronic Payment Authorization form TA-W5201-9
E-ZPass Application for Disabled Veteran Non-Revenue Plan TA-W5175
E-ZPass Application for Disabled Veteran Revenue Plan TA-W5080
D/M/WBE Program - Payments to D/M/WBE Subcontracting Firms TA-W1023-9 Excel 
D/M/WBE Solicitation Log TA-W1055-9
D/M/WBE Solicitation Log Continuation TA-W1055-9A
Disclosure of Prior Non-Responsibility Determinations (NYS Finance Law Sections 139-j and 139-k) TA-W3053-9
Electronic Trip Register (E-Trips) Enrollment TA-W5135
Employment Application/Personal Information Record TA-W3199-9
Estimated Surety Worksheet TA-W5105
Explanation Worksheet for Order on Contracts and Supplemental Agreements TA-W4108B-9
E-ZPass Tag Order Form Motorhome/Passenger Vehicle Towing Combinations TA-W68176
E-ZPass Tag Order - Commercial Charge Account Customer TA-W68161
Inspector's Daily Report Bridge Painting TA-W44110-9
LCV/Tandem Operations Application/Permit TA-W6807
LCV/Tandem Equipment Application/Certification - Tractor TA-W6808
LCV/Tandem Equipment Application/Certification - Converter Dolly  TA-W6811
LCV/Tandem Equipment Application/Certification - Lead Trailer  TA-W6809
LCV/Tandem Maintenance Vehicle Application/Permit  TA-W6812
Monthly Employment Utilization TA-W1017-9 Excel 
Occupancy Permit Application TA-W41337
Occupancy Permit Application Supplement TA-W5123
Overweight Bulk Milk Haulers Permit TA-W68134
Vehicle/Vessel Damage Claim Form TA-W1552-9
Placement Guide for LCV/Tandem Maintenance Vehicle Medallion TA-W6812A
Pre-Award D/M/WBE Trucking Commitment Information TA-W44134
Pre-Paid Plan Application Thruway Authority Commercial Charge Account Customer TA-W68167
Prime Contractor's Affidavit of Compliance New York State Labor Law, Section 220-a TA-W44115-9
Real Property Application TA-W4415
Report of Ambulance Service TA-W6837
Report of Assistance by Fire Department TA-W6839
Request To Access Authority/Corporation Property TA-W4106-9
Request To Access Property - Wireless Carrier TA-W5122
Request for Copy of Police Accident Report TA-W4310
Request to Replace Defective Commercial E-ZPass Tag(s) TA-W63226
Salary Schedule TA-W4012-9 Excel 
Schedule of Submittals TA-W4010-9
Sealed Container Permit TA-W68173
Special Hauling permit Survey For Overdimensional Vehicles TA-W6813
Statement of Account TA-W5214
Steel Haulers Overweight Permit Application TA-W68149
Subcontractor Affidavit TA-W44105-9
Submittal Transmittal TA-W4011-9
Supplemental Agreement Signature Sheet TA-W4108D-9
Supplemental Agreement Title Sheet TA-W4108A-9
Supplier Registration TA-W3254-9
Terms and Conditions of the Post-Paid Commercial Charge Account Program TA-W51312A
Terms and Conditions of the Pre-Paid Commercial Account Program TA-W68167A
Training Report TA-W1041-9
Uncompleted Work Agreement Form TA-W4431-9
Utilization Plan for All Subcontractors TA-W1022-9
Utilization Plan for All Subconsultants TA-W1060-9
Vehicle Reference Codes TA-W68162
Vehicles Requiring Special Tag Mounting TA-W63221
Vendor Responsibility Questionnaire TA-W3205-9
Monthly Training Progress Report TA-W1046-9
Work force and Training Utilization Schedule TA-W1024-9
Work Permit Application TA-W41338
Request for Emergency Service Toll Reimbursement TA-W68181
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