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Information for Contractors

  • Become a Contractor for the Authority
  • Amended Section 100 of the Standard Specifications
    As Modified by a Thruway Contract Proposal - The Authority currently uses the Standard Specifications published by the Department of Transportation, as modified by the Authority's Addendum. Contractors are required to conform to the Standard Specifications referenced in the Contract Documents, as modified by the referenced TA Addendum and other special notes included in the Contract Documents.
  • NYSTA Adoption Status Lists for NYSDOT Engineering Bulletins and Engineering Instructions
  • Prevailing Wage Rates by County Leaving NYS Thruway Authority's Website 
  • New York State Can Help You Secure Surety Bonding
    The NYS Surety Bond Assistance Program (NYSBAP) provides technical and financial assistance to help contractors secure surety bonding. Contractors may be eligible to receive a guarantee of up to 30% to secure a surety bond line, bid bond or a performance and payment bond on State projects. Training is also available to contractors requiring technical support on how to become bond-ready. For more information and to fill out a NYSBAP application, visit Leaving NYS Thruway Authority's Website or contact Ms. Huey-Min Chuang at Empire State Development at 212-803-3238 or

Contract Letting Information

Forms and Guidelines