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E-ZPass Discount Plans

*Note: E-ZPass rates apply only to customer tags issued by New York E-ZPass Customer Service Center (This includes: MTA Bridges and Tunnels, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, New York State Thruway Authority, the Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority (Peace Bridge), and New York State Bridge Authority). Non-NY CSC customers will pay cash or Toll by Mail rates. Anyone, regardless of residency, can apply for a New York Customer Service Center-issued E-ZPass tag. Visit for more information or call 1-800-333-TOLL (8655) to use our automated system for account inquiries and general E-ZPass® New York information.

Basic Plan

New York State Thruway: No minimum use is required. Passenger and commercial vehicles will receive a 5% discount on Thruway Tolls (Discount applies to E-ZPassNY accounts only). This plan may be used on the Thruway or on other toll facilities where you see the E-ZPass sign displayed.

Commercial Volume Discount

Commercial vehicle operators do not need to carry cash to pay for tolls. View specifics regarding this discount plan.

Special Commuter Plans

The following discount plans are intended for frequent users of the New York State Thruway. These discounts can only be obtained with a valid E-ZPass account. Other rules may apply.

  1. Account Specific Discount Plans (discount applies to all tags on account - only passenger vehicles (2L) may receive the discount.)
    • *Thruway Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge Commuter Plan: Monthly minimum Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge usage charge of $60 (20 trips at $3.00 per trip) vs. the full toll of $5.00 per trip.
    • *Thruway Grand Island Commuter Plan: Monthly minimum Grand Island Bridge usage charge of $5.60 (20 trips at 28¢ per trip) vs. full toll of $1.00 per trip.
    • *Thruway New Rochelle Commuter Plan: Monthly minimum New Rochelle Barrier usage charge of $22 (20 trips at $1.10 per trip) vs. the full toll of $1.75 per trip.
    • *Thruway Yonkers Commuter Plan: Monthly minimum Yonkers Barrier usage charge of $19.25 (35 trips at 55¢ per trip) vs. the full toll of $1.25 per trip.
    • *Thruway Harriman Commuter Plan: Monthly minimum Harriman Barrier usage charge of $19.25 (35 trips at 55¢ per trip) vs. the full toll of $1.25 per trip. Discount does not apply when traveling north from Harriman onto the ticketed portion of the Thruway.
  2. Tag Specific Commuter Discount Plans
    • Thruway Annual Permit Plan: For frequent travelers on the Thruway ticketed system. Flat fee, covers the toll for the first 30 miles or less per trip, except when you cross the Castleton-on-Hudson Bridge, where a 62¢ surcharge is applied. Prepay the following amount for each tag depending on which month you sign up:

      • January - $88
      • February - $81
      • March - $74
      • April - $67
      • May - $60
      • June - $53
      • July - $46
      • August - $39
      • September - $32
      • October - $24
      • November - $16
      • December - $8

      Note: For the next calendar year, $88, available after December 7th.

      Use our Annual Permit Calculator to calculate your savings.

    • Thruway Motorcycle Discount Plan: Proof of motorcycle registration is required to receive special motorcycle tag. Motorcycles will be charged 50% off the cash toll rate.
    • Thruway Motorhome Discount Plan: Proof of motor home registration is required to receive the special motorhome discount. Motorhomes will receive the passenger vehicle rate based on the number of axles on the motorhome. If you are towing you may be eligible for a special discount towing tag.
    • Thruway Special Discount Towing Plan: Pickup truck towing a “5th Wheel” or “Gooseneck” trailer will receive a discounted rate. Tag specific plan for towing vehicle combination only. If you are towing a car, trailer, camper or boat and want to use a dedicated E-ZPass lane to reduce your travel time you can get a special tag. The tag is programmed for the tow vehicle and trailer combination. The tag must only be used with the vehicle towing combination. You must first have established an E-ZPass account with the New York E-ZPass Customer Service Center. Complete the form below to request your special tag.
    • Green Pass Discount Plan: Offers a special 10% discount to Hybrid vehicles getting at least 45 miles to the gallon and meeting certain emissions standards. View specifics regarding this discount plan.
    • Special Commercial Discount: The Special Commercial Discount (S-Discount) will only be given to qualified tags issued by the E-ZPass New York Customer Service Center.  The S-Discount (the special additional E-ZPass discount primarily for 48’ non-tandem commercial vehicles [5H, 6H and 7H]) will only be available to those customers with a New York Customer Service Center issued tag.

      Examples of qualified vehicle types include:
      • Tractor Trailer Combinations with trailer less than or equal to 48 feet  
      • Auto Transporters  
      • Single Unit Trucks
  3. Resident Discount Plans
    • *Thruway Grand Island Resident: Grand Island Bridge fare is 9¢ per trip vs. full toll of $1.00 per trip. Proof of Grand Island residency required.  A copy of either a driver’s license, utility bill or lease agreement AND a copy of a vehicle registration showing your Grand Island address for each E-ZPass Tag requested is required. No minimum usage is required.

* This is a cashless tolling facility. Tolls will be collected by E-ZPass or Tolls by Mail. The Tolls by Mail rate is equivalent to the cash rate. No cash will be collected at this location.


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