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Advertised Lettings

  • IMPORTANT CHANGES BEGINNING May 1 2019: ┬áNYSTA has upgraded its Bidding software from AASHTOWare Project Expedite to AASHTOWare Project Bids.  While the appearance and functionality of both are similar, the format of the bid files are different and not compatible between the two programs.  All contracts will now be let using the Project Bids software. Should you have any questions, please contact the Authority at (518) 436-3164.
  • Refer to the Contract Documents section to view Plan Sets and Proposal Books on-line, details regarding contract changes and amendments, supplemental information, questions/answers and plan holder lists, as well as download full bidding packages.
Projects and Plans by Letting Date
Letting Date Contract Number Description

October 14, 2020


TAA 20-10B/D214759

On-Demand Repairs to Thruway Infrastructure in the Albany Division in Rensselaer, Columbia, Greene, Albany, Schenectady and Ulster Counties

Goals: MBE- 15% WBE- 15% SDVOB- 6%

Bid Deposit: $125,000.00

September 30, 2020


TABS 20-9B/D214785

Bridge Steel Repairs and Miscellaneous Painting at Route 295 over I-90, Berkshire Thruway at MP B16.26 in Columbia County

Goals: MBE- 2% WBE- 11% SDVOB- 5%

Bid Deposit: $40,000.00

July 29, 2020


TAB 20-12B/D214752

Structural Steel Repairs to Two Bridges at M.P. 421.57 and M.P. 463.45 and Vertical Clearance Improvements at M.P. 463.45 in Chautauqua and Erie Counties

Goals: MBE- 15% WBE- 15% SDVOB- 6%

Bid Deposit: $125,000.00

June 3, 2020


Amendment No. 2

TAA 20-6/D214780

Concrete Pavement Diamond Grinding Southbound Only Thruway MP 141.9 - MP 148.3 in Albany County

Goals: MBE- 3% WBE- 16% SDVOB- 1%

Bid Deposit: $125,000.00

April 22, 2020


Amendment No. 3

TANY 20-3B/D214773

Steel Repairs to Brookside Road Bridge at MP 74.17 in Ulster County

Goals: MBE- 3% WBE- 5% SDVOB- 1%

Bid Deposit: $40,000.00