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Important Message

Service Area Redesign and Redevelopment ProjectThe New York State Thruway Authority’s 27 service areas are being redeveloped as part of a $450 million private investment plan with Applegreen. Three service areas have already reopened; Indian Castle, Chittenango and Junius Ponds service areas. To ensure continuity of services to Thruway customers during construction, no two consecutive service areas in the same direction of travel will be closed for renovations at the same time. Learn more about the project at

Cashless Tolling

Cashless tolling is a critical part of modernizing our transportation infrastructure and is in place across the entire 570-mile system.

E-ZPass Information

E-ZPass is the easiest and quickest way to pay tolls on the Thruway. Get E-ZPass, learn more and/or access your account Leaving NYS Thruway Authority's Website .

Commercial Services

Trucks and commercial vehicles use the Thruway to provide goods and services to millions of people every day.