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Office of the Toll Payer Advocate

Toll Payer Advocacy Program

Toll Payer Advocacy Program

The NYS Thruway Authority Office of the Toll Payer Advocate has been established to assist customers who were unable to resolve toll issues relating to their Thruway travel using channels offered by the E-ZPass/Tolls By Mail Customer Service Center.

The Advocate will help to ensure that all toll payers receive fair and responsive treatment, identify and resolve problems and recommend improvements to customer service. The Office will also utilize information derived from customers to recommend improvements and/or potential policy changes as cashless tolling is implemented across New York State.

Toll Payer Advocate Case Details and Customer Improvements PDF 


Eligibility Requirements

To receive assistance you must first contact the Tolls By Mail or E-ZPass Customer Service Center to resolve your issue. You will be required to provide details relating to your attempts.

Program Requirements Include:
  • Tolls/violations are for Thruway travel only
  • You have been unable to resolve the issue with the Customer Service Center.
  • Documentation related to the issue (license plate, account number, violation number, etc.).

If your vehicle registration is either pending suspension or has been suspended by NYS DMV for non-payment of Thruway tolls, the Toll Payer Advocate Program cannot assist you.  Please contact the DMV Suspension Team for assistance in reinstating a registration that has been suspended due to the non-payment of tolls.




Tolls By Mail Customer Service Center
(844) 826-8400 Leaving NYS Thruway Authority's Website 

E-ZPass NY Customer Service Center
(800) 333-8655 Leaving NYS Thruway Authority's Website 

MTA Bridges and Tunnels Office of the Toll Payer Advocate Leaving NYS Thruway Authority's Website 

Port Authority of NY & NJ Office of the Toll Payer Advocate Leaving NYS Thruway Authority's Website 

NYS Thruway Authority
DMV Suspension Team
(718) 313-9414