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Transparency, Guidelines, Organization and Compliance Reports

Accountability and Transparency

The New York State Thruway Authority is advancing several initiatives to improve the transparency of its operations in compliance with Governor Kathy Hochul’s directive to provide greater transparency and accountability in New York State government.

Annual Highlights (includes Performance Measures, Operations and Accomplishments)



Budget Books


Code of Ethics

Enabling Statute

Fee Schedules

Financial Statements

Internal Control Certification


Lobbying Contacts Policy (PAL Section 2987)

Mission Statement

Organization Chart

Personal Property

Projects Undertaken

Purchasing Services

Real Property

Thruway Claims Recovery
The Thruway Authority recovered the following amount of money for damage to Thruway property and equipment from responsible parties:

  • January 2024 $610,475.58
  • February 2024 $551,810.79
  • March 2024 $1,753,484.04
  • April 2024 $1,010,866.46
  • May 2024 $1,063,503.46
  • June 2024 $428,053.27

Thruway Litigation

Whistleblower Policy

Note: The 2016 New York State enacted budget included the transfer of the Canal Corporation from under the jurisdiction of the Thruway Authority to the New York Power Authority (NYPA). NYPA assumed ownership of the New York State Canal Corporation on January 1, 2017.  View the New York State Canal Corporation Compliance Reports and Disclosure Documents Leaving NYS Thruway Authority's Website