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Commercial Charge Account Program

The New York State Thruway Authority Commercial Charge Account Program has two components:

  1. Post-Paid Account for travel on the Thruway, which is administered by the Authority
  2. Pre-Paid Account for travel on other toll roads offering E-ZPass

The E-ZPass New York Customer Service Center (NYCSC), pursuant to a contract with the Authority, administers the Pre-Paid Account. Establishment of both the Post-Paid and Pre-Paid Accounts is required to enroll in the Commercial Charge Account Program.

E-ZPass is an electronic toll collection system. As your commercial vehicle passes under a gantry, E-ZPass equipment reads information from your E-ZPass Transponder (Tag) and records transaction information. On the Thruway, the Authority computes the proper toll and charges it to your Post-Paid Account. When traveling on other toll roads offering E-ZPass, the proper charge is deducted from your Pre-Paid Account. Consequently, enrollees of the Commercial Charge Account Program will receive two statements each month, one for activity on the Post-Paid Account and one for activity on the Pre-Paid Account.

Benefits Of The Commercial Charge Account With E-ZPass

  • Volume Discounts – A Thruway Charge Account customer qualifies for a discount when its toll charges total over a $1000 or more a month. The discount applies to the monthly toll billing as follows:
    • $1,001 to $2,000 - 10%
    • $2,001 to $3,000 - 15%
    • Over $3,000 - 20%
  • Electronic Trip Registers (E-Trips) – E-Trips provides a Commercial Charge Account customer with an electronic copy (e-mail) of the monthly Commercial Charge Account invoice. An E-Trip invoice includes an invoice summary, and trip detail data in a format that provides for easy electronic data searching and sorting. Each E-Trip customer always receives a paper copy of the invoice summary document in the mail. E-Trips is a free service and the preferred statement delivery method for Commercial Charge Account customers.
  • Multiple Accounts - Wholly owned subsidiaries or divisions of a parent company may combine accounts to maximize discounts. Consult a Commercial Services Representative for more information regarding this option.

Benefits Of The Pre-Paid Account With E-ZPass

  • E-ZPass is accepted on toll roads and bridges in 19 States and wherever you see the E-ZPass logo.  See participating toll facilities where E-ZPass is accepted. Leaving NYS Thruway Authority's Website 
  • Two methods to replenish a Commercial Charge Account (ACH or Check). A Credit Card or Check is required for the Prepaid plan.
  • Monthly statement of usage.


  • Commercial vehicle (with at least 2 axles, 6 tires).
  • Minimum charges of $12,000 annually.  
  • A Surety, in the form of a Bond or Cash Deposit, in the amount of three times your anticipated monthly toll charges as determined by the Authority.

Please refer to the Application Booklet (TAP 601) to determine what forms must be completed to open a Commercial Charge Account.

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