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Winter Maintenance Program

We are known for dependable snow and ice removal

Plowing 2

Snow and ice control is one of the most demanding activities performed by Thruway staff, and our goal is to maintain safe driving conditions throughout winter storms along all parts of the Thruway system. In order to respond as quickly as possible to winter weather, all Thruway maintenance locations are staffed 24/7 during the winter months.

The Thruway Authority has approximately 235 large plow trucks and 142 smaller plows to remove snow and apply salt and other anti-icing agents, as well as five vehicle-mounted snow blowers. Our primary resource to prevent roadway icing is rock salt. Under some conditions at some locations along the Thruway system, we also use salt brine and other liquids for anti-icing and as a pre-treatment for the rock salt.

Our average annual rock salt usage over the past 10 years is approximately 168,000 tons, approximately 17,000 fully loaded Thruway salt spreaders.  We have the capacity to store approximately 129,650 tons of salt at 41 covered storage locations along our system.