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Electronic Bidding (Trns•port Expedite) Instructions


The New York State Thruway Authority (NYSTA) uses AASHTOWare Project Expedite (formerly Trns•port Expedite) software for electronic bidding. Electronic bid files are in proprietary format (*.ebs). Bidders must use the free module called Expedite Bid to view this data and generate the appropriate bid sheets and electronic file for submission to the Authority. 

Electronic bidding neither replaces paper bids nor forces any Contractor to bid electronically.  Rather, participation is voluntary and electronic bidders must submit paper documents that match the electronic file.  Expedite prints a check code on every bid page that must match the check code in the computer file. As the check code changes every time the electronic file is modified, matching the codes verifies that the data on the printed bid is the same as in the electronic file.  In case of discrepancy, paper bids always prevail and are the primary legal document.

The electronic bid file will be posted to NYSTA's website to coincide with a contract’s initial advertising. Electronic bid amendment files will be posted whenever amendment notices are posted. These must be applied to the original electronic bid file. However, not all amendments will involve changes to item bid data and therefore the electronic bid file.

Do not bid without carefully reviewing the proposal and any and all changes by amendment.  Proposal notes and circumstances include, but are not limited to, information on alternate, fixed and/or limited cost items and/or special circumstances regarding item placement and use.  Contractors are solely responsible for recognizing and properly responding to any and all special notes and circumstances in the Contract Proposal and any and all changes by amendment from the amendment documents and/or notices communicated to them by NYSTA’s Office of Capital Program and Contracts Management.

Please be certain to review the rest of this page and its links before attempting to use Expedite Bid and/or data obtained from our Contract Documents section.  Failure to thoroughly review and comply with the requirements of the Authority's Expedite program may result in serious errors or omissions in your bid.

For additional information please click on the links below:

How to Download the Expedite Software

To use the electronic bidding files you must first download and install the free Expedite Bid software on your computer.  To do so, click on the link below, carefully review the subsequent Expedite Bid information page and select the option to "Download Expedite Bid 5.11a for New York Thruway".  The other links assist with configuring and using the software after installation.

Tips and Precautions

  1. Follow the procedures in NYSTA's Expedite Bid Instructions PDF .  The other Expedite downloads and demos, as well as the software's Help messages, are also useful.
  2. Enter the Agency as NYSTA.
  3. Use the appropriate Federal-ID and firm name. Federal-ID must be in the format 12-3456789. If possible, joint ventures should create and save a new Expedite export configuration with the Federal-ID and legal name assigned to the joint venture. Alternatively, use the Federal-ID and name of the joint venture partner with the largest financial commitment or managing role in cases of 50/50 financial commitments.
  4. Enter days for the B portion(s) of A + B bids on the Proposal Sites screen (if applicable).
  5. Provide any other information required on the Miscellaneous Data screen (if applicable).
  6. For alternate items, enter a bid price only for the item you choose.  Leave the price fields for the other alternate item choices blank.
  7. Import, export and print files as per the instructions. Maintain consistent check codes. Do not mix partial printouts with differing check codes or submit an electronic file with a different check code than the printout, as these indicate a discrepancy and can invalidate the electronic portion of your bid.
  8. Submit your electronic bid file on a CD attached to your paper bid. Include only one file per bid and a statement as to whether the paper bid does or does not include any handwritten changes not in the electronic bid file.  The CD must be labeled with the following information:
    1. Firm name
    2. Letting date
    3. D number

Additional Information and Assistance:

  • Bidding Questions:  Contact NYSTA's Office of Capital and Contracts Management at 518-436-3164.
  • Contract Questions: Contact NYSTA's Engineering Services Bureau at 518-471-4244.
  • Software Questions: Contact NYSTA's Department of Information Technology Help Desk, at 518-471-4400.
  • Web Site Questions: Refer to the "Contact Us" section of  NYSTA's Internet site or contact the Authority's Office of Media Relations and Communications at 518-471-5300.