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New York State Thruway Authority

Financial Policies

  • Independent Accountants' Report on Investment Program Compliance
  • Investment Reports
  • Investment Policy - 25-4-01 PDF 
    • Policy Amendments to 25-4-01
      The current Investments Policy, approved by the Board in April 2014, has been revised to
      reflect the sale of General Revenue Bond Anticipation Notes, General Revenue Junior
      Indebtedness Obligations, General Revenue Bonds and State Personal Income Tax
      Revenue Bonds (Transportation) that occurred since the Policy was last reviewed. In
      addition, the following changes have been made:
      • Added Junior Indebtedness Debt Service Reserve Account and Junior Indebtedness Debt Service Payment Account as funds administered by the Trustee.
      • Revised investment concentration descriptions to indicate that the Authority's bond proceeds, operating reserves, retirement funding, debt service and revenue< fund balances generally represent almost all of the investment portfolio.
      • Revised minimum purchase requirements to indicate that Treasury bills, Treasury notes and Treasury bonds require a minimum purchase of $100 and can be purchased in increments of $100.
      • Added the one year maturity option for Treasury bills and changed the Treasury bond maturity to 30 years.


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