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Thruway's Over-Dimensional Permit System (TOPS)

Photo of an Over-Dimensional Truck on Thruway

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TOPS Users only

TOPS users are strongly encouraged to access TOPS using PCs running Microsoft Windows 7 or higher. Windows XP is no longer officially supported by Microsoft. TOPS users who are running Windows XP and cannot upgrade their PCs to a newer version of Windows must use the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser to access TOPS. The Internet Explorer browser provided in Windows XP will no longer function with TOPS. Additionally, support for the Google Chrome browser under Windows XP will end in April, 2016.

Note: All vehicles traveling the NYS Thruway that are greater than 8'6" wide must obtain a Special Hauling Permit from the Thruway Over-Dimensional Permit System (TOPS). Additionally, for vehicles greater than 10' wide, a Special Hauling Permit is required and tolls must be paid with E-ZPass, no cash. For more information on the TOPS program, call the Special Hauling Permit Unit at (877) 901-2700 ext. 2793 or (518) 436-2793.