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TRANSalert Email Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

Sign-up is available on the TRANSalerts Sign-up page.

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I have a question/comment about a TRANSalert email that I've received. Who do I contact?

Customers SHOULD NOT reply directly to an email as it is automatically generated and the sender ( email address does not accept incoming email. If customers have questions, comments or concerns regarding the TRANSalert service, they can contact the Authority by using the online contact form.

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I would like to configure my anti-spam software/filter so your emails are not flagged as junk mail.  What domains are your emails sent from?

If you use an anti-spam filter, please be sure to add our domains to your list of approved senders/domains. Our emails come from and

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I signed up to receive traffic alerts between two mainline exits for my daily commute. I received an email alert about an event outside of my selected mainline range, why?

Depending on the circumstances involved, events that happen outside of the ranges selected may still impact travel on the Thruway in the areas selected. When an event happens the Authority determines what groups may be impacted and sends email alerts to those groups.

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What is the cost of this service?

This is a free customer service offered by the Thruway Authority. However, some mobile devices, such as cell phones, may charge for email and text messaging services.  Contact your mobile service provider for more information on how to receive messages on your mobile device.

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I have signed up to receive traffic alerts, but I'm uncertain as to what some of the abbreviations mean. Could you please explain?

In order to provide as much information as possible in a limited text-field, we abbreviated some of the traffic references.

For example, GMCB = Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge; GSP = Garden State Parkway; EB = Eastbound; WB = Westbound; NB = Northbound; SB = Southbound.

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How many characters appear in each message and can I use my cell phone, pager, PDA, Blackberry or other mobile device with this service?

When signing up for this service you have a choice of receiving email messages in one of the following formats:

  • Standard email: Select this format if you will be retrieving your emails on a personal computer. Messages will contain more than 160 characters per email. This format may also be used with some mobile devices like smart phone devices that can handle email messages larger than 160 characters.

  • Short message: Select this format if you will be retrieving your emails on a mobile device (cell phone, pager, etc.) that is typically limited to 160 characters or less.

    Note: Depending on the circumstances, messages may exceed 160 characters.  Please read and understand how this service will format and send messages.

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I receive traffic alerts on my cell phone. The "from" field of the text message is from "" (##### denotes a numeric number), why?

When we send an email, the "from" field is specified as Depending on the mobile service provider, when the email message is converted into a text message format to be displayed on a cell phone, some providers choose to ignore our "from" field and use another field that is embedded in the email message.

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I would like to have traffic alerts sent to my cell phone (or other mobile device) as a text message but I have never done that before. How do I do this?

Because mobile service providers handle text messages sent to mobile devices differently, it is best to check with your service provider to understand how email/text messaging works, how to receive them on your personal mobile device and what additional charges you may incur based on your account and/or service plan.

For Example: Your cell phone/pager email address for text messaging will most likely be "" (e.g., a typical Verizon address may be - ""). Please note that entering a phone number without the "" suffix will not work.

Check with your service provider to determine your cell phone/pager email address for text messaging.

Note: Cell phone/pager email address for text messaging users should select short message format. Depending on the circumstances, messages may exceed 160 characters. Please read and understand how this service will format and send messages.

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How long does it take to receive a traffic alert after it is sent?

After a traffic alert is sent from the Authority, a number of factors including Internet traffic, your Internet service provider, your location and the responsiveness of your email service or mobile device can influence the length of time it takes to receive a message.

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I can't remember if I signed up for the service, how do I check?

Use our Member ID Request page to request your member ID. If you are signed-up, we will send you an email with information on how to update your profile information and how to unsubscribe.

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How come I cannot change my email address on the Update Profile page?

For security purposes we do not allow changes to be made to email addresses once you have signed-up. If you wish to change the email address initially provided, you must unsubscribe the original email address and sign-up with the new email address.

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How can I place my subscription on hold?

To place your account on "hold" please visit the Update Profile page. Simply log in using your email address and member ID. Once on the "Update Profile" page, select Step 5: Select Hold Status. Emails will not be sent to your email address while the account is in "hold" status. To begin receiving emails again, follow the steps above and un-select Step 5 to remove your account from "hold" status.

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How can I cancel and unsubscribe from this service?

On the bottom of every standard format email sent by this service, instructions and a link to unsubscribe will be provided. As an added convenience, short message format subscribers may go to the unsubscribe page to unsubscribe. You will need to enter your email address and your member ID. Your member ID was sent to you when you first subscribed to this service. If you forgot your member ID you can request that it be sent to your email address.

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