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Real Property Occupancy and Work Permits

Occupancy Permits are a revocable instrument that authorizes the use of a site specific identified portion of Authority Property (Premises). Various uses for which Occupancy Permits are issued include, but are not limited to, utility facilities, parking, landscaping, gardening, signage, storage, and access. The rights granted under the Occupancy Permit are non-exclusive. An Occupancy Permit instrument is not a lease, but is merely a permit to use, and therefore a landlord-tenant relationship is not thereby created.

Work Permits are a revocable instrument that authorizes construction, maintenance, inspection, survey, or other type of work or short term activity on a site specific identified portion of Authority Property (Premises). Work Permits are required for all work conducted on Authority Property under an Occupancy Permit. Work Permits may not be required when activities are regulated by a contract or agreement, depending upon the terms contained therein. A separate Work Permit is required for each location unless an Annual Work Permit is issued as described below. Except under very limited circumstances, an Occupancy Permit must be in place before a Work Permit will be issued.

The Authority may require a separate Work Permit each time the Premises are entered for the purpose of maintaining facilities authorized under an Occupancy Permit, lease or grant of easement. The Permittee's contractors and/or subcontractors, if any, may be required to each individually obtain the necessary Work Permit prior to entering the Premises.

Annual Work Permits are Division specific instruments that may be issued where an occupant of Authority Property has an on-going requirement to maintain facilities authorized under an Occupancy Permit, lease or grant of easement (e.g., snow removal, waste disposal, tree trimming, etc.). The work authorized by a Permit shall be performed in a professional manner to the satisfaction of the Authority. All work by or for a Permittee shall be done at no expense to the Authority.

*The files below are in PDF PDF format unless otherwise noted.

Occupancy and Work Permits

Wireless Communication Towers

  • Thruway Permit Application (TA-W5124) PDF 
    • Occupancy Permit Application Supplement (TA-W5123) PDF - Wireless Carrier-owned Towers

      This form is completed by: (a) a Permittee to amend an existing Occupancy Permit to modify/replace/install wireless communication equipment on the tower or at tower-related facilities; or (b) an applicant for an Occupancy Permit to construct a new tower on Thruway Authority (Authority)-owned property.

    • Request To Access Property - Wireless Carrier (TA-W5122)

      This Request is used by a wireless carrier permittee  to obtain authorization from the appropriate Thruway Authority (Authority) Division office prior to accessing Authority property. Such access is regulated by an Authority-issued Annual Work Permit. A separate Request is required each time the property is accessed.

Access to Authority Property

  • Request To Access Authority Property (TA-W4106)

    This Request is used to obtain authorization from the appropriate Division prior to accessing Thruway Authority (Authority) property. The Request is required when access/work is regulated by an existing contract or agreement and the access/work will not be monitored and/or supervised by Authority staff. The Request is not required: (i) for existing construction contracts or construction inspection agreements, or (ii) for existing contracts or agreements where access/work will be supervised by Authority staff, or (iii) when it is more appropriate to obtain a Work Permit. The Access request is fee-waived per Executive Instruction 2012-2.