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Becoming a Contractor for the Authority

The Authority maintains a record of vendors who have previously expressed an interest in working for the Authority.

By law, contracts of this type must be let by the competitive bidding process.

In these instances, the Authority advertises in the New York State Contract Reporter Leaving NYS Thruway Authority's Website and construction trade journals. The Association of General Contractors, Construction Contractors Association, Construction Industry Council, Dodge Reports and Eastern Contractors Association are also notified.

In addition, the Authority posts construction contract information on our business section. You can obtain a listing of available contracts for bidding under the Thruway Advertised Lettings section.

The Authority also posts Thruway Bid Results. Simply select the project number you are interested in and it will direct you to that project's bid page.

Will I be paid promptly for my work?

The Authority acts as quickly as possible to ensure its vendors and contractors are paid promptly. The Authority strives to meet state regulations for payment procedures and schedules.

Are disadvantaged, minority and women-owned firms given a fair chance?

The Authority has an outstanding Disadvantaged Business Enterprise/Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (DBE/MWBE) and these businesses are encouraged to do business with the Authority.

On construction and engineering contracts, the Authority establishes DBE/MWBE goals that the prime contractors and consultants are encouraged to meet by subcontracting to approved DBE/MWBE firms.

Doing Business

Contracts Office