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Subsurface Exploration Forms and Files

The Contractor shall enter all the required drilling data from each subsurface exploration onto the Thruway Authority's official subsurface exploration log form using gINT® software and the gINT® Template and Library files listed below.  No other form and format of creating subsurface exploration logs will be accepted by the Authority.  The Contractor must use gINT® and the Template and Library files listed below unchanged exactly as provided.  In case of difficulty using the below listed Template and/or Library files, the contractor MUST contact the Authority's contract manager for further instructions. 

The Contractor shall export project data from gINT® and transmit it electronically to the Authority. Paper copies of the subsurface exploration logs and laboratory testing results shall also be sent to the Authority. Send electronic copies and deliver paper copies to the location indicated in the Authorization Letter within five working days following completion of the hole, except holidays.

Release Number: V_07
Release Date: 12/10/2013
Release Notes:
  1. Add two more selections under Project/Division drop down: "Canal Eastern" and "Canal Western".
  2. Add "S" for sign structure under Borehole/Purpose.
  3. Delete "HORIZONTAL DATUM" from the output log.