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Become a Consultant for the Authority

How do I Become a Consultant for the Authority?

Quarterly, the Authority advertises its need for professional services on the Consultant Agreements page, and for individual projects in the New York State Contract Reporter. Leaving NYS Thruway Authority's Website 

The Authority also maintains a record of consultant firms who have previously expressed an interest in working for the Authority. This record contains information obtained from firms that file Federal General Services Administration SF254 form.

A firm that meets the Authority's professional requirements is invited to submit a letter of interest for a particular project. Bidding is not part of this procurement procedure.

How to Access Thruway Authority Property

All consultants must contact the appropriate Division Permit Office whenever access to Authority property is necessary. Permit Coordinators will assist you with obtaining proper work and/or occupancy permits, scheduling needed traffic safety resources and identifying any additional authorizations that may be required for property involving a key asset or critical infrastructure.