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Revitalize 95

Project Background

The New York State Thruway Authority has applied for a $25 million U.S. Department of Transportation Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) Grant to rehabilitate a section of the New England Thruway (I-95) in Westchester County.

This grant will supplement the cost for this project which is currently included in our five-year Capital Plan. 

The project is currently in the preliminary design stage.

Project Documents

Supporting Information for RAISE Grant Application:

Environmental Information

FHWA Freight Mobility Tool Exhibits

Pavement Information

Partnership and Collaboration

Project Description

The project is located along I-95 beginning at milepost 604 in the Town of Pelham running 4.8 miles north and ending at milepost 608.8 in the Town of Mamaroneck. This segment is classified as a Principal Urban Arterial on the National Highway system. A 2014 pavement rehabilitation project repaired and replaced concrete slabs for the highway, but the volume of traffic has caused the road to continually deteriorate.

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Approximately 121,000 motorists travel this stretch every day, with 13 percent being large truck traffic.

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Approximately 2.9 miles (60 percent) of this 4.8 mile long project is located in Historically Disadvantaged Communities. Rehabilitating this section of I-95 will afford long-term improvement to this corridor and more reliable service by reducing the likelihood of accidents, and traffic delays imposed by frequent maintenance.  These reduced delays and improved road conditions will provide greater reliability and comfort for the movement of people, freight and services, which directly benefits businesses and the local and regional economy.  At the forefront of this project is environmental sustainability to reduce traffic congestion and mitigate air quality concerns that disproportionally impact disadvantaged communities near congested highway corridors. 

Through this project, the Authority would rehabilitate this section of I-95 with a thick protective asphalt overlay; replace guiderail and add new pavement markings.  This project will also relocate an emergency U-Turn used by emergency responders to better accommodate their vehicle access, improving safety and response times. 

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Rehabilitating this section of the New England Thruway will provide a long-term improvement to this corridor, maintaining the connection to communities on both sides of the highway and enhance the overall safety for motorists and the quality of life for residents in this area. It will mitigate air quality concerns, upgrade mobility and community connectivity and decrease the need for repeated maintenance which increase traffic disruptions.    

Contact Information

New York State Thruway Authority Public Information Office
(518) 471-5300