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New England Thruway (I-95) Reconstruction Project - "Last Mile"

Traffic Information and Traveler Advisories

Construction is weather dependent and subject to change.

New Traveler Information

Beginning May 15:

  • Two lanes of 1-95 northbound will be shifted to the left immediately after exit 21, at mile marker 13.9
  • The lanes will shift back to the normal configuration prior to the Connecticut State Line
  • Variable Message Signs (VMS) are in place to notify motorists of the traffic shift

Beginning July 2:
Ramp from Midland Ave. to I-95 Northbound is re-open.

Photo Gallery

Anticipated Project Schedule

This schedule of the New England Thruway (I-95) Reconstruction Project contains the major components of the project. The schedule highlights the work on and along the New England Thruway as well as the anticipated schedule for the erection of the concrete walls. All work is dependent upon acceptable weather conditions and subject to change.

Please check back for updates and additional information.

Ongoing Traveler Information:

  • Closure of the Midland Ave. to I-95 Northbound ramp, emergency vehicle access road is available
  • One lane closed on I-95 northbound prior to exit 22 (mile marker 14.0) to just before the Connecticut state line (mile marker 14.8) for the duration of the project for reconstruction work
  • Three lanes will be available after the I-287 eastbound merge to I-95 northbound (mile marker 14.8)
  • I-95 southbound lanes have been shifted and narrowed from the Connecticut state line to just before the I-287 eastbound merge with I-95 (mile marker 14.0)
  • One lane will be closed on I-95 southbound after exit 21 southbound (mile marker 14.4) to just before the I-287 eastbound merge with I-95 (mile marker 14.0) for the duration of the project for reconstruction work
  • Three lanes will be available at the I-287 eastbound merge to I-95 southbound (mile marker 13.8)

Project Background

The 15 mile section of the New England Thruway (I-95) carries traffic from New York City to the Connecticut border. Over the past decades, 14 miles of the highway in the Bronx, Pelham, New Rochelle, Mamaroneck, Harrison and Rye  have been reconstructed. This project will complete the reconstruction of the "last mile," improve motorists' experience and increase the safety along this section of  I-95. The project spans approximately one mile and contains a six ramp interchange system with the Cross Westchester Expressway (I-287) and Midland Avenue in the City of Rye and Village of Port Chester in Westchester County. It also includes replacement of the Cross Westchester Expressway ramp bridge and the Grace Church Street bridge over the Thruway, and resurfacing of the Byram River bridge.

Project Improvements

Major components of the project include:

  • Reconstruction of the New England Thruway (I-95) mainline and ramp upgrades
  • Replacement of Grace Church Street bridge
  • Replacement and realignment of the I-287 eastbound to I-95 northbound ramp bridge
  • Resurfacing of the Byram River bridge
  • Realignment of ramp from Midland Avenue to connect directly to I-95 northbound
  • Widening of I-95 southbound to provide a two-lane exit ramp to I-287 westbound
  • Improvements to the I-95 northbound/Midland Avenue interchange
  • Substructure Repairs to the Boston Post Road bridge, Purchase Street bridge, and the Blind Brook culvert
  • Repaving of Playland Parkway entrance and exit ramps

Project Display Boards

  • Ramp Map PDF 
    This ramp illustrates the locations of the ramps involved in the construction project. The labels correspond to the information in the Anticipated Project Schedule (listed above).

  • Concrete Barrier Display Board PDF 
    This map illustrates the approximate location of existing and proposed concrete walls along the "Last Mile" project corridor. The areas in red are existing concrete noise walls that may need to be removed during the phases of construction, but will be re-installed. The blue areas are proposed concrete noise walls that will be installed as part of the "Last Mile" project. These walls have met the federal and state standards for noise abatement. The magenta area is a proposed installation of a concrete visual barrier wall. It will have the same look and be constructed of the same material as the noise walls, however, this area did not meet the standards for noise abatement and therefore, a visual barrier will be installed. 

Contact Information

New York State Thruway Authority Public Information Office
(518) 471-5300