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Harriman Toll Barrier – Cashless Tolling Conversion

Project Background

The New York State Thruway Authority (Authority) implemented cashless tolling at the Harriman Toll Barrier in September 2018, which complements the $150 million reconstruction of the Woodbury Transit and Economic Hub, ensuring that motorists driving through this interchange will be able to pass through more quickly. The Authority converted the toll barrier for northbound traffic seeking to access Woodbury Common and NY Route 17 to cashless tolling. For southbound traffic from the Thruway's ticketed portion of the system, two toll lanes remain in place until 2020, when the Thruway converts to cashless tolling system-wide.

Proposed Improvements

Project specifics include the removal of the toll barrier and construction of overhead gantries with overhead access that are equipped with state-of-the-art All-Electronic Toll Collection (AETC) technology including highway speed Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI), Automatic Vehicle Classification and Detection (AVCD), and video tolling equipment including a Vehicle Enforcement System (VES). Construction of the overhead gantries and associated tolling equipment have replaced the toll barrier infrastructure. One gantry is located immediately west of the Route 17 bridge over the railroad and the second on the southbound acceleration ramp, adjacent to the Woodbury Toll Plaza. Additionally, a new two-lane toll barrier was constructed within the Harriman site to continue traditional means of toll collection for travelers exiting the southbound Thruway at Harriman, which will remain in place until the entire Thruway system converts to cashless tolling by the end of 2020.
The existing toll barrier will be removed in several phases.

Project Schedule

  • September 2017 – Final Design Completed
  • November 2017 – Project Letting
  • January 2018 - Construction Begins
  • September 2018 – AETC Operational
  • April 2019 - Construction Completed

Reference Documents

Contact Information

Robert J. Cournoyer, P.E.
200 Southern Boulevard
Albany, NY 12209
(518) 436-2810