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Emergency Toll Procedures - Thruway Emergency Toll Bill


For the safety of Thruway Authority personnel and the traveling public, emergency toll procedures were in place for cash collection on the Thruway from March 22 to June 3. During this time, non-E-ZPass customers did not receive a toll ticket on entry, and were asked to provide license plate information when they exited the Thruway, without paying cash.


The Thruway Authority will mail toll bills to the registered owner of the vehicle in the coming weeks for travel from March 22 to June 3. Customers will have two easy options to pay:

  • Mail-in Check Payment
    • Please mail check or money order (payable to New York State Thruway) for the Toll Amount Due on the Thruway Toll Bill to: NYS Thruway Authority, PO Box 5517, Binghamton, NY 13902. Please write the toll bill number on your payment and include the payment coupon with your check or money order. PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH.


Q: When did the Thruway Authority alter toll collection at toll booths due to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)?
A: For the safety of Thruway Authority personnel and the traveling public and out of an abundance of caution, emergency tolling procedures were in place from March 22 to June 3 to create appropriate social distancing for cash collection. Cash toll collection resumed at 11:59pm on June 3.

Q: How will the Thruway Authority know where to send my toll bill?
A: Toll bills will be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle, which will be the address on file with Department of Motor Vehicles.

Q: When will I receive the bill?
A: Motorists can expect to receive the bill in the coming weeks.

Q: What are the options available to pay?
A: Once they receive a bill in the mail, customers can pay with a credit card through the Thruway Authority’s website.

Q: Will I be charged an additional fee to receive the bill in the mail?
A: No, customers will not be charged an additional fee, and no late fees will be issued.

Q. How do I dispute tolls on the Thruway Toll Bill?
A: To dispute any tolls on the Thruway Toll Bill, choose the “Pay by Credit Card” option and enter your Toll Bill number. On the payment screen, select the Dispute Charges button to submit your dispute request.

Q: How will this impact E-ZPass customers?
A: E-ZPass customers will not see a change to the way their tolls are processed. Thank you for maintaining a sufficient balance on your account.

Q: How do I sign up for E-ZPass?
A: Customers can sign up for E-ZPass online.