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Phase 1 Gantry Installation (Text View)

Phase 1 Gantry Installation
Gantry Name Gantry Location Milepost Start Date End Date Status
Yonkers BarrierHighway5.8020182018Active
Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge Entry RampRamp16.7020162016Active
Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge BarrierHighway16.7020162016Active
Spring Valley BarrierHighway24.3020182018Active
Harriman Barrier SB RampRamp45.0020182018Active
Woodbury BarrierHighway45.25March 2020October 2020Active
Harriman Barrier NB RampRamp45.4020182018Active
Interchange 16 NB Entry RampRamp45.40April 2020August 2020Active
Interchange 16 SB Exit RampRamp45.40April 2020August 2020Active
Interchange 17 Entry GantryRamp60.10June 2020August 2020Active
Interchange 17 Exit GantryRamp60.10June 2020August 2020Active
Interchange 17 Gantry - Ramp to Rt.17KRamp60.10June 2020August 2020Active
Interchange 18 GantryRamp76.01February 2020July 2020Active
Interchange 19 GantryRamp91.37May 2020August 2020Active
Interchange 20E GantryRamp101.10October 2019May 2020Active
Interchange 20W GantryRamp101.40October 2019June 2020Active
Interchange 21 GantryRamp113.89August 2020September 2020Active
Interchange 21B GantryRamp124.53September 2019April 2020Active
Interchange 22 GantryRamp134.93September 2019May 2020Active
Between Interchanges 22 and 23Highway139.80October 2019June 2020Active
Between Interchanges 23 and 24Highway145.60December 2019July 2020Active
Between Interchanges 24 and 25Highway149.60February 2020August 2020Active
Between Interchanges 25 and 25AHighway157.80April 2020August 2020Active
Between Interchanges 25A and 26Highway161.00June 2020September 2020Active
Interchange 26 GantryRamp162.22September 2019May 2020Active
Interchange 27 GantryRamp173.59March 2020July 2020Active
Interchange 28 GantryRamp182.17October 2019May 2020Active
Interchange 29 GantryRamp194.10November 2019June 2020Active
Interchange 29A GantryRamp210.62April 2020June 2020Active
Interchange 30 GantryRamp219.70May 2020July 2020Active
Interchange 31 GantryRamp232.85May 2020August 2020Active
Interchange 32 GantryRamp243.37May 2020July 2020Active
Interchange 33 GantryRamp252.71June 2020August 2020Active
Interchange 34 GantryRamp261.50April 2020September 2020Active
Between Interchanges 34 and 34AHighway276.10April 2020September 2020Active
Between Interchanges 34A and 35Highway277.50September 2019June 2020Active
Between Interchanges 35 and 36Highway281.30September 2019June 2020Active
Between Interchanges 36 and 37Highway283.40September 2019July 2020Active
Interchange 37 GantryRamp283.79June 2020July 2020Active
Interchange 38 GantryRamp285.95March 2020July 2020Active
Between Interchanges 38 and 39Highway288.80March 2020July 2020Active
Between Interchanges 39 and 40Highway294.60June 2020September 2020Active
Interchange 40 GantryRamp304.19June 2020August 2020Active
Interchange 41 GantryRamp320.41June 2020August 2020Active
Interchange 42 GantryRamp327.10July 2020August 2020Active
Interchange 43 GantryRamp340.15July 2020September 2020Active
Between Interchanges 43 and 44Highway340.70May 2020August 2020Active
Between Interchanges 44 and 45Highway348.00July 2020October 2020Active
Between Interchanges 45 and 46Highway358.10May 2020September 2020Active
Between Interchanges 46 and 47Highway368.80May 2020September 2020Active
Between Interchanges 47 and 48Highway379.10April 2020August 2020Active
Interchange 48 GantryRamp390.13March 2020July 2020Active
Interchange 48A GantryRamp401.70February 2020June 2020Active
Interchange 49 GantryRamp417.27April 2020August 2020Active
Williamsville BarrierHighway418.15October 2019May 2020Active
Lackawanna BarrierHighway431.15October 2019May 2020Active
Interchange 56 GantryRamp432.45January 2020June 2020Active
Interchange 57 GantryRamp436.22April 2020August 2020Active
Interchange 57A GantryRamp444.90April 2020July 2020Active
Interchange 58 GantryRamp455.54May 2020August 2020Active
Interchange 59 GantryRamp467.74May 2020September 2020Active
Interchange 60 GantryRamp485.00April 2020September 2020Active
Ripley BarrierHighway488.50April 2020August 2020Active
New Rochelle Ramp BarrierRamp6.9020182018Active
New Rochelle Highway BarrierHighway6.9020182018Active
Interchange B1 GantryRamp6.58March 2020July 2020Active
Interchange B2 GantryRamp15.10May 2020August 2020Active
Canaan BarrierHighway18.1March 2020July 2020Active
Grand Island SouthHighway15.2020182018Active
Grand Island NorthHighway20.0020182018Active