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Consultant Agreements

Designated Agreements Over the Past 120 Days
Report generated: 06/24/2022
Contract NumberContract TypeDesignatedFirm NameDescription
D214882Environmental Agreement05/18/2022ENTECH ENGINEERING, P.C.Term Agreement for Environmental Services Statewide
D214880Survey05/13/2022NAIK CONSULTING GROUP, P.C.Term Agreement for Land Survey and Right-of-Way Mapping Services in the New York and Albany Divisions
D214881Survey05/13/2022FISHER ASSOCIATES, P.E., L.S., P.C.Term Agreement for Land Surveying and Mapping Services in the Syracuse and Buffalo Divisions
D214878Materials Testing Agreement05/05/2022HRV CONFORMANCE VERIFICATION ASSOCTerm Agreement for Testing and Inspection of Structural Steel - Statewide, Regional and National
D214877Materials Testing Agreement05/04/2022BUREAU VERITAS NORTH AMERICA INC.Term Agreement for Testing and Inspection of Strructural Steel - Statewide, Regiional, National
D214876Construction Inspection04/22/2022POPLI, ARCHITECTURE & ENG. LS, DPCTerm Agreement for Construction Inspection Support Services - Syracuse Division
D214879Materials Testing Agreement04/22/2022ATLANTIC TESTING LABORATORIES, LTD.Term Agreement for Material Testing and Inspection - Albany and Syracuse Divisions