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Warners Travel Plaza

Photo of Warners Travel Plaza

Travel Plaza Information
Location Milepost 292 Westbound, Warners, NY 13164
Latitude, Longitude 43.09201, -7631970
Contact (315) 672-3951
Which exits
is it between?
39 (Syracuse West) & 40 (Weedsport)
Fuel Mobil
Restaurants McDonald's1 (drive thru), Boston Pizza, Paulie's Pretzels
Other Services Gift Shop, Tourism Information2, ATM, Taste NY


1indicates restaurant is open 24-hours a day
2indicates a seasonal service

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Travel Plazas & Interchanges

Travel Plaza Info
518-436-2831 M-F

Lost and Found
518-436-2806 ph
518-436-2899 fax

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