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Regional Advisory Messages

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Information is updated as conditions change.

Utica Regional Advisory Message

Coverage area: I-90 Thruway from Exit 27 (Amsterdam) to Exit 39 (Syracuse/Fulton)

Message Updated: 9/22/2018 2:02 AM

This is the New York State Thruway Regional Advisory message for Utica. OK, it's traffic time On I-90 - NYS Thruway westbound at milepost 242.3, between Utica - Exit 31 - and Westmoreland - Exit 32 - Look out for an accident

Utica Regional Advisory Message in Audio Format Utica Regional Message in Audio Format
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Information is updated as conditions change.

Current Thruway road conditions also available at: 1-800-THRUWAY (1-800-847-8929)