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New York State Thruway Authority

Regional Advisory Messages (Text View)

Buffalo Regional Advisory Message

Coverage area: I-90 Thruway from Exit 45 (Rochester/Victor) to the NY/Pennsylvania State Line and I-190 Niagara Thruway

Message Updated: 11/27/2014 1:30 AM

This is the New York State Thruway Regional Advisory message for Buffalo. Now, for the urgent reports Beginning 7am, Wednesday, November 26, 2014, long tandem vehicles are banned from the New York State Thruway on I-90, both directions from Interchange 32 (Westmoreland/Rome) to Interchange 24 (Albany) and on I-87, both directions from Interchange 24 (Albany) to New York City. The tandem restriction will be lifted at 7 am, November 27th. OK, it's traffic time On I-190 - Niagara Thruway southbound at milepost 1.5, between Clinton St - Exit 2 - and South Ogden Street - Exit 1 - Look out for an accident On I-90 - NYS Thruway westbound at milepost 422.7, between Buffalo - Exit 51 - and Walden Ave - Exit 52 - Look out for an accident

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Information is updated as conditions change.

Current Thruway road conditions also available at: 1-800-THRUWAY (1-800-847-8929)

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