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New York State Thruway Authority

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Mid Hudson Region

Mid Hudson region coverage includes:
I-87 Thruway Exit 14A (Spring Valley) to Exit 18 (New Paltz)

I-87 - NYS Thruway - southbound - Milepost 49.8

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Updated: 09/17/2014 7:32 PM

I-87 - NYS Thruway - northbound - Milepost 57.36

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Updated: 09/17/2014 7:31 PM

I-87 - NYS Thruway - southbound - Milepost 63.88

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Updated: 09/17/2014 7:34 PM

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Information is updated as conditions change.

Current Thruway road conditions also available at: 1-800-THRUWAY (1-800-847-8929)

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