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New York State Thruway Authority

Williamsville Toll Barrier Improvement Project

Williamsville Toll Barrier Improvement Project Williamsville Toll Barrier Improvement Project


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The New York State Thruway Authority and the Federal Highway Administration, in cooperation with the New York State Department of Transportation, is studying the development of an improved mainline toll barrier on the New York State Thruway (Interstate 90) to the northeast of the Buffalo metropolitan area. This project is designed to address operational and capacity concerns at the existing toll barrier located between Interchanges 49 and 50 in the Town of Amherst, commonly referred to as "The Williamsville Toll Barrier."

The Authority's goals for this project may be best summed up in the following mission statement:

To respond to both our customer and public needs for a satisfactory toll barrier facility northeast of the Buffalo Metropolitan area, which provides suitable customer service, maintains public and worker safety, cost effectively incorporates innovative technology and minimizes the effects on natural and human resources.

About the Project

The New York State Thruway Authority is evaluating the operating and capacity concerns at the Williamsville Toll Barrier, located between interchange 49 and 50 (see map) on the New York State Thruway I-90 in the Town of Amherst. The evaluation will include engineering studies, environmental Studies and a broad public outreach program. The following will be evaluated:

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  • The ability of the existing Toll Barrier to handle present and future traffic, maintain public and worker safety, and incorporate technology advances. This evaluation will consider the facility in its current configuration as well as investigate improvements that could be made to the toll barrier to meet these objectives.
  • The need to retain the Toll Plaza facility currently located at Interchange 49, Transit Road.
  • Other possible toll barrier locations, between Interchange 49, Transit Road, and Interchange 48A, Pembroke. There are three leading candidate sites for relocation of the barrier, which are identified with red arrows on the map. These sites are: 
    • Milepost 410, Towns of Clarence, Lancaster and Newstead; 
    • Milepost 408-409, Town of Newstead; 
    • Milepost 404-405, Towns of Newstead and Pembroke.
  • A comparison between the toll barrier at its present location and other possible locations. This comparison will focus on objectives related to customer service, operational issues, as well as social, economic and environmental issues.
  • Various plaza configurations that incorporate newer technologies and maximize customer convenience, including highway speed E-ZPass.

This evaluation will result in a recommended solution for the capacity and operating concerns at the Williamsville Toll Barrier and Transit Road Interchange that best satisfies all needs and that carefully considers public input.

Public input on all aspects of the project is welcome and encouraged.

All interested parties are encouraged to express their views concerning the economic and social effects of the project, the project's impact on the environment, and the project's consistency with the goals and objectives of such planning. 

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