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New York State Thruway Authority

Williamsville Toll Barrier Improvement Project

Williamsville Toll Barrier Improvement Project Williamsville Toll Barrier Improvement Project

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Williamsville Toll Barrier being moved?

A decision on whether to relocate the Williamsville Toll Barrier will be made upon completion of siting and environmental studies and will be documented in an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). Under National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requirements, all reasonable alternatives, including an alternative of No Action, must be considered in the EIS process. The New York State Thruway Authority will rigorously explore and objectively evaluate the following reasonable alternatives for the Williamsville Toll Barrier:

  1. No Action
  2. Upgrade Existing Barrier
  3. Relocate the Barrier

After a full examination of the relevant transportation performance, social, economic, and environmental considerations associated with each of these alternatives, a Record of Decision will be published identifying a selected alternative.

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Where are the potential sites?

All sites along the New York State Thruway within an 18-mile corridor between the existing barrier in Williamsville and Exit 48A in Pembroke are being considered.

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Are you designing the new barrier for future traffic, and if so, how far into the future are you planning for?

The proposed action will address traffic for a projected 20-year horizon.

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When will this project be constructed?

That being said, the Williamsville Toll Barrier Improvement Project is no longer programmed within the Authority’s current Capital Program.  The Authority does have $768,000 in Federal funds earmarked in the current Capital Program so that the Project’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) can be completed. 

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Why is it going to take so long to complete the project? Can the project schedule be accelerated?

There are a variety of factors that influence the length of time needed to complete a study of this magnitude. Factors include: size of proposed action; the need for a thorough examination of social, economic, and environmental concerns; the number of persons and agencies affected; the time required for public and agency input; and the availability of project funding.

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Is there an additional interchange included in this project? If not, why?
No, there are no new interchanges included in this study. This project is intended to improve Toll Barrier operations, safety and environmental impacts.

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Who do we contact to voice concerns?
You may utilize the "Contact" section to reach us electronically or contact:

New York State Thruway Authority
Chief Engineer's Office
200 Southern Blvd., PO Box 189
Albany, NY 12201-0189  

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