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For Immediate Release: December 15, 2005


The New York State Thruway Authority has announced the letting results for the Tappan Zee Bridge Deck Replacement Project which was held at 11:00 a.m., December 14, at the Authority’s Headquarters in Albany, New York.

The following seven bids were received for the Tappan Zee Bridge redecking project:

Perini/Tutor-Saliba, JV, Peekskill, NY, $146,878,378.30
Yonkers Contracting Co., Inc. Yonkers, NY, $147,177,000.00
CCA Civil Inc., Jersey City, NJ, $151,654,784.00
Ecco III Enterprises, Inc., Yonkers, NY, $162,716,128.50
Tully Construction Co., Inc. Flushing, NY $167,308,562.00
Granite/Cashman, JV, Mt. Vernon, NY, $180,174,382.00
Kiewit Constructors, Inc., Park Ridge, NJ, $190,990,224.00

Per standard practice, the Authority will conduct an analysis of the low bidder's prices used in their estimates. The analysis is used to check the reasonableness of the unit prices.

Additionally, the Authority conducts due diligence reviews of low bidders in accordance with state Comptroller Bulletin G-221, and in compliance with guidelines promulgated by the New York State Council of Contracting Agencies (NYSCCA), including, but not limited to, the following steps:

  • Review of the completed, signed and notarized New York State Uniform Contracting Questionnaire (NYSUCQ), which includes a financial statement, and must be completed annually and on file for all low bidders and proposed subcontractors;
  • Review of the Department of State website to ensure the firm is registered to conduct business in NYS;
  • Review of the Department of Labor website to ensure the firm is not debarred for labor violations;
  • Review of General Service Administration (GSA) website to ensure the firm is not federally debarred or suspended;
  • Review of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) website to determine if there are any significant occupational safety issues;
  • Communication with Dun & Bradstreet if the firm is new or unknown to the Authority;
  • Utilize search engines and websites in the event issues are found; and,
  • Communication with the Department of Transportation to see if the Department has anything in its vendor database on the firm.

If the review results are satisfactory, an Agreement will be prepared with the contractor and the documentation forwarded to the state Comptroller's Office for final review and approval. The entire process should take approximately two months before the contract is formally awarded, and should allow for optimal use of the upcoming construction season.

Thruway Authority Executive Director Michael R. Fleischer said, “This project is a part of the Authority’s continual efforts to meet maintenance and operation responsibilities by making the necessary investments to assure safe and efficient travel for the hundreds of thousands of motorists who cross the Tappan Zee Bridge daily.”

For more information about the Tappan Zee Redecking project, including drawings of the proposed work, please visit the Authority’s website at, click on “Projects and Studies,” and then click on “Tappan Zee Bridge Deck Replacement Project.” The project website offers project schedules and highlights, innovations to reduce construction time and impacts, frequently asked questions (FAQs), ways to contact the Authority with questions and/or concerns, and other useful information.


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