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New York State Thruway Authority

Tappan Zee Bridge Deck Replacement Project

Environmental Review

Tappan Zee Bridge/I-287 Environmental Review

At present, the New York State Department of Transportation, the Thruway Authority, and MTA Metro-North Railroad are undertaking an environmental review for the Tappan Zee Bridge/I-287 Corridor. This study is evaluating a short list of alternatives to address increasing congestion in the corridor as well as the condition of the Tappan Zee Bridge. The draft recommendations include alternatives ranging from maintaining the existing Tappan Zee Bridge to building a new structure with commuter rail.

While the environmental review is progressing, the Authority must fulfill its responsibility to maintain and operate the Tappan Zee Bridge. Regardless of the outcome of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), the deck replacement project is a necessary interim measure that will improve service and protect the safety of the traveling public.

The deck replacement does not preclude any of the alternatives from advancing, nor will this work in any way influence the ultimate course of action.

For more information about theNew NY Bridge, please visit Leaving NYS Thruway Authority's Website 

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