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New York State Thruway Authority

Project Design Elements

Structures/Architectural Design

Bridge Replacement & Rehabilitation

Bridge Replacement/RehabilitationThese projects include the replacement of an existing bridge structure, commonly because a structure has reached the end of its service life, to increase the vertical clearance under the structure or possibly due to physical damage to the structural members. Generally, this type of work involves substantial approach work, particularly if a temporary bridge may be needed to maintain traffic while the construction is taking place. Rehabilitation work is generally applied to existing bridge structures to help preserve the structure and extend its service life. This work can include but is not limited to bridge painting, deck repair, bearing replacement or bridge rail upgrades.

Service Area Upgrades & Improvements

Service Area Upgrades/ImprovementsThere are several improvements and modifications taking place at various service areas across the system. For our commercial traffic patrons, we are implementing a commercial truck parking expansion program. This program will expand the truck parking at various service areas to allow sufficient tractor trailer parking in a designated parking lot. This will prevent trucks from having to park along the shoulders of the service area and the ramps leading to and from the area. Regarding the restaurant areas of our service plazas, there will be future upgrades to the alarm systems, full replacement of the heating and ventilation (HVAC) systems, and continued installation of family-assist restrooms. At the service areas that offer fueling stations, all canopies will either be replaced or refurbished, replacement of fuel storage tanks where necessary and an improved layout configuration of the self service/full service fuel pumps. An additional upgrade will feature lighted fuel price signs prior to the entrance ramps for the service areas.

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