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New York State Thruway Authority

Capital Program

The Thruway System plays a vital role in New York State's economy and is a critical transportation artery in the Northeast.  The Thruway Authority manages more than 2,800 lane miles of highway and approximately 800 bridges.  As such, it is imperative the highway and bridge assets remain in a state of good repair to maintain the high levels of safety and service Thruway travelers have come to expect.

The Authority is in the process of developing an asset management system to support the prioritization, implementation and management of the organization's capital needs. An effective asset management system approach addresses both the preservation of assets (maintaining assets in a state of good repair) and implements system improvements (e.g., capacity, safety and service) in a cost effective manner.  Current asset management practices include the routine collection of condition data for highway, bridge, facility, ITS and canal infrastructure.  These practices have allowed the Authority to better focus investments on high-impact and high priority projects that will maintain the reliability of the Thruway and Canal Systems at a lower cost.  The Authority's efforts are evident in its average pavement surface and bridge condition ratings. To see graphs depicting these ratings, view the Authority's annual average pavement surface conditions PDF and annual average bridge conditions PDF .

By utilizing capital programming planning and management strategies, the Authority is able to identify and update its capital needs on a continuous basis.  The strategies include oversight by the Thruway Authority/Canal Corporation Boards and a Capital Program Executive Committee, and the involvement of various groups in the identification and development of the individual projects.  Presented below is a list of the projects currently being progressed through the 2012-2015 and 2005-2011 Capital Programs.  A vast majority of the 2005-2011 projects have been completed, and nearly all the 2012-2015 projects are being developed for construction.

Capital Program Projects

The Capital Program Projects are listed by Division and organized into three groups: 

  1. Planned - Projects in the planning/design phase and will be let in the future.
  2. Under Construction - Projects that are under construction.
  3. Completed - Construction for these projects has been completed.

Division Projects (May contain both Thruway and Canal Projects):

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Additional Information

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