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For immediate release: August 22, 2013
Contact: Colin Brennan (518) 471-5300

Registration, E-ZPass On-The-Go being offered

As the Great New York State Fair begins today, the Thruway Authority is reminding all in attendance to visit the E-ZPass booth in the Center of Progress Building and become one of the 14 million people taking advantage of this service.

In addition to offering basic E-ZPass registration, E-ZPass On-The-Go tags will also be available for purchase. These tags have a $25 value and are active upon purchase. The first $15 is immediately available for toll usage, while the remaining $10 becomes available once the tag is registered. They are also currently available in grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations and some municipal offices, among other locations.

Twenty years ago this month, the Thruway Authority pioneered the use of electronic toll collection in the northeast United States when it inaugurated E-ZPass.

Today, E-ZPass users save five percent on all Thruway tolls. E-ZPass is accepted in 15 states: New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.

Since E-ZPass was instituted in August 1993:

  • Thruway motorists have made an estimated 2.2 billion trips using E-ZPass,
  • Some $4.6 billion in toll revenue has been collected with E-ZPass, and
  • E-ZPass customers have saved over $177 million toll discounts.

Today, there is an average of 5.4 E-ZPass trips on the Thruway every second of every day.

The Thruway Authority is a founding member of the 15-state, 25-agency E-ZPass Interagency Group, which was formed in 1990 to establish a single-tag electronic toll collection system in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Today, there are more than 14 million E-ZPass customers and over 24 million tags in circulation.


Motorists can obtain E-ZPass on line or by calling 800-333-TOLL (8655). E-ZPass is available for passenger and commercial vehicles.

E-ZPass can also be purchased from E-ZPass-On-the-Go retailers at more than 625 locations throughout the state. Tags can be used immediately, but must be registered – either online or by phone – within 48 hours of first use. New Yorkers can obtain E-ZPass-On-the-Go at more than 45 municipal office locations, including county, village, and town clerks. For E-ZPass On-the-Go retailer locations, visit:

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