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For immediate release: August 8, 2013
Contact: Dan Weiller (518) 471-5300

Thruway E-ZPass Users Have Saved Millions of Dollars and More Than a Billion Hours of Travel Time Since New York Pioneered the System in 1993

Twenty years ago this month, the New York State Thruway Authority pioneered the use of electronic toll collection in the northeast United States when the Thruway Authority inaugurated E-ZPass.

Today, E-ZPass users save five percent on all Thruway tolls and E-ZPass is accepted in 15 states: New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.

“Thanks to E-ZPass, New York Thruway travelers have saved an enormous amount of time and money over the past two decades,” said Thruway Authority Chairman Howard P. Milstein. “Furthermore, Thruway’s innovation has spread throughout the eastern United States and has benefited many millions of drivers.”

Since E-ZPass was instituted in August, 1993:

  • Thruway motorists have made an estimated 2.2 billion trips using E-ZPass,
  • Some $4.6 billion in toll revenues has been collected with E-ZPass, and
  • E-ZPass customers have saved over $177 million toll discounts.

Today, there is an average of 5.4 E-ZPass trips on the Thruway every second of every day.

“The twentieth anniversary of E-ZPass is a perfect time to encourage motorists who do not already have E-ZPass to sign up now, and to remind New Yorkers that E-ZPass holders get a discount every time they pay a toll on the Thruway,” said Thruway Executive Director Thomas J. Madison. “I also want to recognize the leadership role that Thruway employees played in developing and advancing this technology, which has made travel easier for so many motorists across the state, throughout the region and beyond.”

The Thruway Authority is a founding member of the 15-state, 25-agency E-ZPass Interagency Group, which was formed in 1990 to establish a single-tag electronic toll collection system in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Today, there are more than 14 million E-ZPass customers and over 24 million tags in circulation.


Motorists can obtain E-ZPass on line or by calling 800-333-TOLL (8655). E-ZPass is available for passenger and commercial vehicles.

E-ZPass can also be purchased from E-ZPass-On-the-Go retailers at more than 625 locations throughout the state. Tags can be used immediately, but must be registered – either online or by phone – within 48 hours of first use. New Yorkers can obtain E-ZPass-On-the-Go at more than 45 municipal office locations, including county, village, and town clerks. For E-ZPass On-the-Go retailer locations, visit:

All E-ZPass users receive a five percent discount on Thruway tolls. Additional commuter discounts are available. For more information, visit

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