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Violation Enforcement

Toll Evasion Policy

The New York State Thruway Authority uses an electronic toll collection system known as E-ZPass. Users of this system prepay their tolls and the appropriate toll is deducted each time they pass through an E-ZPass lane. "E-ZPass Only" lanes are intended for use by E-ZPass customers only. These lanes are not staffed and cash is not accepted. Non-E-ZPass customers that use these lanes have images of their license plates captured by a video enforcement system. A notice is generated and sent to the registered owner of the vehicle. Notices generally take about 4-6 weeks to receive. Please keep in mind that toll collectors are not permitted to accept payment of the toll after a customer travels through an E-ZPass only lane, nor can the violation process be stopped once the license plate image is taken.

If you feel you have received a violation notice in error, you may contact the Violations Processing Unit at:

E-ZPass Customer Service Center
P.O. Box 15186
Albany, NY 12212-5186

Speed Enforcement Policy

Safety of the traveling public and Thruway employees is critical to the Authority’s mission. E-ZPass offers motorists the freedom of non-stop travel on the Thruway; however, motorists are reminded of their requirement to obey the posted speed limit and direction of toll collectors.

Every "E-ZPass Only" lane in each toll plaza is clearly marked with the posted speed limit for that lane. Currently, most of the posted speed limits are 5 mph, but there are higher speed lanes at select toll plazas. E-ZPass customers using a staffed lane must wait for the "green light" before proceeding. This allows for safe processing of vehicles and pedestrians.

E-ZPass customers that violate the posted speed limit may be subject to the following:

  • Warning Notice
  • 60 Day Suspension
  • 180 Day Suspension
  • Revocation


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