New York State Transportation Resource Center

Update Notice:

RFQ Addendum No.3 and the updated list of questions and answers have been issued (see below).


The New York State Thruway Authority ("Authority") is seeking a Statement of Qualifications ("SOQ") from interested and qualified Construction Management, Design and Engineering firms ("Proposers") responding to the Request for Qualifications ("RFQ") for a Design-Build Firm to provide professional and construction management services required to design and construct the New York State Transportation Resource Center (the "Project").

The Project, announced by the Governor on May 29, 2014, is located at 200 Southern Boulevard, Albany, New York 12209.  The new complex will house approximately 2,000 employees and will have parking facilities for approximately 1,800 cars. 

SOQs will only be accepted from Proposers intending to provide all required services for the Project. The Authority will not consider responses from Proposers not offering to provide all required services.

The RFQ document can be accessed at the link below.  The RFQ sets out the pre-qualification process for firms seeking to be shortlisted as Project Proposers, and it provides details of the SOQ required from interested firms.  Per the RFQ Addendum No. 2, the deadline for submitting SOQs is now August 1, 2014.

This RFQ is the first step of a two-step best value procurement process. In order to be invited to proceed to the second step of the procurement process, which is responding to a Request for Proposal ("RFP"), a Proposer must provide a timely response to the RFQ and up to four (4) Proposers will be shortlisted for the Project as described in the RFQ.  The RFP will be issued only to the shortlisted Design-Build firms.

This RFQ is issued pursuant to the Infrastructure Investment Act, 2011 NY Laws Ch. 56 (the "Act"), which authorizes the Authority and other specified authorized state entities to use Design-Build contracts for capital projects related to the State's physical infrastructure, subject to the requirements set forth in the Act.

The environmental review process for the Project, including an analysis of a no-build alternative, shall be conducted by the Authority under separate contract and concurrently with the Design-Build RFP process.  The Design-Build Firm shall not be permitted to proceed with final design activities and physical construction until the completion of the environmental impact review process and issuance of the necessary determinations by the Authority.  Detailed programmatic information is also being developed under a separate agreement and will be made available as part of the second step of this procurement process (RFP).

This website will also be used during the RFQ period to communicate the Authority's responses to RFQ questions submitted by potential Proposers, and also to issue any RFQ addenda.  Interested firms are advised to check this website regularly for such updates during the RFQ period.

Potential Proposers are advised that under New York State Finance Law, communication on procurements can be made only with designated contact persons. 

The Authority's designated contact person for this procurement is:

James Chicoine
Attention: New York State Transportation Resource Center Procurement
Office of Capital and Contracts Management
New York State Thruway Authority
200 Southern Boulevard
Albany, New York 12209