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Cashless Tolling Project Schedule & News

Project Schedule

In 2018, seven fixed toll barriers on the Thruway were converted to cashless tolling.

There are two main phases of the project on the ticketed portion of the Thruway, which is located between exits 15 (Woodbury) on I-87 and exit 61 (Ripley – PA Line) on I-90 as well as exits B1 – B3 (Berkshire Spur).

  1. The first phase is the installation of the gantries over the highway and/or exit/entrance ramps, which began in fall 2019, and was completed in August 2020. After the gantries were installed, system testing occurred over several months Once all of the gantries are installed, system testing will occur over several months and it will go live at the same time in November 2020.
  2. After cashless tolling is operational system-wide in November 2020, the second phase includes the removal of the toll plazas and realignment and repaving of the exit/entrance ramps.

Project Overview

Gantry Installation Progress
100% Completed
0% Underway
0% Pending

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