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New York State Thruway Authority

Expedite Software Download Information

What is Expedite?

Expedite effectively streamlines the bidding process, providing the New York State Thruway Authority (NYSTA) with control over the bid letting process while facilitating bid submittal for contractors. It allows bidders to receive proposal item schedules and submit item bids in a secure, electronic environment. Expedite also automates calculations, applies amendments and other tasks. Electronic bidding greatly reduces the time and expenses associated with data entry, bid revisions, bid tabulations and finalization. Electronic bids will initially be transferred on floppy disks or CD's, but Expedite enables future internet bidding.

When is it required?

For NYSTA, Expedite replaced the Thruway Electronic Bid System (TEBS) with the March 19, 2008 letting.

Why use Expedite?

Expedite provides a user-friendly tool for contractors to enter their bids (with or without third-party bid preparation software) and will allow NYSTA to move to internet bidding when ready.


  • Business Process - NYSTA Office of Contract Management - (518) 436-2902
  • Technical Questions - NYSTA Help Desk (518) 471-4400

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