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New York State Thruway Authority

Consultant Agreements

Agreements Advertised but Not Yet Designated
Report generated: 7/23/2014
Contract NumberContract TypeAdvertisedDescriptionProposal Due Date
D214343Other6/16/2014Term Agreement for Services Relative to the Financing and Operation of the Thruway System7/9/2014
D214339Design Agreement5/13/2014Design Services for the Rehabilitation of the North and South Grand Island Bridges in the Buffalo Division6/4/2014
D214340Design Agreement5/13/2014Design Services for the Reconstruction of I-95 (New England Thruway) from Port Chester to Connecticut State Line Including Bridge Replacements and Rehabilitations in the New York Division6/4/2014
D214341Architectural/Engineering Misc. Services5/13/2014Term Agrement for Design and Construction Inspection Support Services Statewide6/9/2014
D214334Design Agreement4/14/2014Design Services for Highway Rehabilitation, One Bridge Replacement and Four Bridge Rehabilitations Between Milepost 427.70 and Milepost 430.40 in the Buffalo Division5/5/2014
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