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New York State Thruway Authority

Consultant Agreements

Agreements Advertised but Not Yet Designated
Report generated: 4/19/2015
Contract NumberContract TypeAdvertisedDescriptionProposal Due Date
D214417Construction Inspection4/15/2015CI for Pavement Resurfacing;#1 D214416/TAB 15-30; Westfield Exit 60 MP 485.0 PA State Line MP 496.0 WB and #2 D214409/TAB 15-23; East of Silver Creek MP 455.2 to Dunkirk Exit 59, MP 467.0 and Int. 58 Resurfacing5/6/2015
D214419Construction Inspection4/15/2015CI for Project #1 D214392/TAB 15-20B; MP 420.33, 420.34, 420.36 3 Bridges I-90/I-290, Int. 50 Rehab MP 420.35 Wherle Drive and Substructure-Fascia Repairs #2 D214418/TAB 13-31B MP 369.85 Union St. Bridge Replacement5/6/2015
D214420Construction Inspection4/15/2015Term Agreement for Construction Inspection Services in the Buffalo Division5/6/2015
D214405Environmental Agreement4/2/2015Term Agreement for Environmental Services Systemwide4/23/2015
D214406Construction Inspection4/2/2015Term Agreement for Construction Inspection Support Services in the Albany Division4/23/2015
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