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New York State Thruway Authority

Consultant Agreements

Agreements Advertised but Not Yet Designated
Report generated: 11/29/2015
Contract NumberContract TypeAdvertisedDescriptionProposal Due Date
D214461Construction Inspection11/17/2015CI of Project 1 TAS 16-11, D214458, Pavement Resurfacing from Herkimer Exit 30, MP 220.0 West of Utica MP 233.5 and Project 2 TAS 16-XX D214448, Pavement Resurfacing West of Canastota MP 268.0 to West of MP 279.312/9/2015
D214474Materials Testing Agreement11/17/2015Term Agreement for Testing and Inspection of Structural Steel, Statewide, Regional and National12/9/2015
D214475Construction Inspection11/17/2015Construction Inspection of TAB 16-5 (D214429), Pavement Resurfacing from I-390 (Exit 46, Milepost 362.3 to LeRoy (Exit 47, Milepost 378.2) in the Buffalo Division12/9/2015
D214433Construction Inspection10/6/2015Construction Inspection of Bridge Painting (D214431/TAS 15-35BP) at Various Locations from Milepost 233.45 to 347.13 in the Syracuse Division10/28/2015
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