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New York State Thruway Authority

Bond Sales - Current Issues

NYS Thruway Authority General Revenue Bonds, Series K

Closing Date: December 17, 2014*

First Maturity: January 1, 2020*

Final Maturity: January 1, 2032*

Interest Payment Dates: January 1 and July 1, commencing July 1, 2015*

Purpose of Issue:  The Series K Bonds are being issued (i) to provide funds to refund certain of the Authority's Outstanding Bonds and (ii) to pay the Costs of Issuance of the Series K Bonds.  The Authority regularly reviews the interest rates borne by its outstanding Bonds with a view towards reducing aggregate debt service expenses through appropriately timed and sized refundings.  The Authority has authorized the issuance of up to $950 million of refunding bonds, if conditions warrant. 
No portion of the proceeds of the Series K Bonds will be used to finance the New NY Bridge Project.

Security: A pledge of the Revenues and certain funds and accounts established under the General Revenue Senior Bond Resolution.

Pricing Dates: Anticipated the week of December 1, 2014*

Ratings: TBD

Goldman, Sachs & Co.

Co-Coordinating Manager: Ramirez & Co., Inc.

Co-Senior Managers: 
Wells Fargo Securities

CastleOak Securities, L.P.
Janney Montgomery Scott
Loop Capital Markets LLC
TD Securities                

Bond Counsel:  Hawkins Delafield & Wood L.L.P

Co-Bond Counsel: Hardwick Law Firm, LLC

Underwriters Counsel: Nixon Peabody LLP

Financial Advisor: Public Resources Advisory Group

Trustee: The Bank of New York Mellon

* Preliminary, subject to change

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