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Water Quality

Video Script: Connecting the Drops

The New York State Thruway Authority: Working with You to Protect Clean Water

Purpose: 3-4 minute video that informs the public about:

  1. the environmental stewardship mission and activities of New York State Thruway Authority
  2. the connections between personal actions and preventing pollution of New York’s waters
Stormwater Video Script
Segment Script


Welcome to the New York State Thruway. The Thruway Authority works hard to provide motorists like you with a safe and well-maintained superhighway system. The Authority also oversees the New York State Canal Corporation and its historic Canalway system. Safety is a priority for the Authority/Corporation, and not only for those who utilize the systems, but for the surrounding environment as well. Thruway and Canal projects include protecting air quality; using less energy in buildings; protecting and enhancing nature along the roadway, purchasing and using recycled products and protecting clean water by preventing water pollution from all facilities and operations.  

Water basics

We all depend on clean water, and therefore have a responsibility to protect it. To do this, an understanding of how pollution can reach the rivers, lakes, and streams located within its watershed is needed. A watershed is a land area where all the water flows under it or off it drains to the same place. We all work and live within watersheds. When water flows through a watershed it can carry any pollution that it picks up along the way. This means that pollution spilled or dropped in a parking lot or on the ground can reach a river,  stream or other body of water far away.  The Hudson River watershed is an example of a large watershed in New York State. This 14,000 square mile watershed begins at Lake Tear of the Clouds in the Adirondack Mountains and empties into the Atlantic Ocean at the lower New York bay.

Educational efforts

The Connecting the Drops program reminds New Yorkers that water connects us all, and that what we drop in the environment can reach bodies of water and put aquatic life, recreation, or even our drinking water at risk. Connecting the Drops includes educating employees as well as motorists and boaters that use the Thruway and canal systems. By working together, we can prevent water pollution. In Rensselaer, the Authority worked with the Children’s Museum of Science and Technology to create a model of the Hudson River Watershed which illustrates the flow of water in a watershed area, demonstrating the ‘connect the drops’ themes.  At the Guilderland travel plaza, Thruway personnel helped students stencil an environmental message on the parking lot near the storm drains and explained the concepts of water pollution. The event garnered local news media attention, helping to spread the message.

You can help

There is a lot that you can do to help prevent pollution from cars, boats, pets, or other areas — First, routinely check your vehicle for leaks before you take a trip, and do not leave tires or car parts by the side of the highway. When walking your pet, pick up the waste and dispose of it properly – and never dump it in a storm drain.  At home, you can also think about preventing stormwater pollution by keeping debris out of storm drains and limiting applications of fertilizers and pesticides to only what is needed.


Together, we can all Connect the Drops, remembering that when water flows through a watershed it can carry any pollution that it picks up along the way. We can prevent pollution from being spilled or dropped in a parking lot or on the ground, so that it will never reach a clean river, stream, or lake. At the New York State Thruway Authority and Canal Corporation, we strive to prevent pollution of storm water runoff in our daily operations in order to keep New York’s waterways clean. These efforts are just a component of our comprehensive environmental stewardship program, which has become part of the overall mission to provide New Yorkers with a safe and well-maintained superhighway and canal system. The New York State Thruway Authority and Canal Corporation: We are working with you to protect clean water.

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