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New York State Thruway Authority

Air Quality

Green Pass for Hybrids

As part of the Thruway Authority's (Authority) continued commitment to Environmental Stewardship, the Authority offers a Green Pass Discount Plan for E-ZPass customers who own hybrid vehicles. This plan offers a special 10% discount to hybrid vehicles that get at least 45 miles to the gallon and meet certain emissions standards. To find out more information on this program, please visit the Green Pass Discount Plan page.

Highway Speed E-ZPass

Artist Rendering of Highway Speed E-ZPassIn response to increasing traffic volumes on the Thruway System, the Authority is studying the establishment of Highway Speed E-ZPass lanes at certain toll booths on the System. These lanes allow E-ZPass tag holders to drive through select lanes at the posted highway speeds, paying the toll electronically as they continue to drive. Highway Speed E-ZPass processes more vehicles than manual ticket distribution and collection and allows cars and trucks to move more efficiently through toll plazas. As such, Highway Speed E-ZPass improves air quality by reducing idling and emissions. In addition, it reduces fuel consumption, congestion and travel time.

Currently, Highway Speed E-ZPass lanes are installed at the Spring Valley and Woodbury Toll Barriers.

It is predicted that Highway Speed E-ZPass will eventually service up to 75 percent of traffic passing through a toll plaza during peak travel times.

Find out more about Highway Speed E-ZPass.

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